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Festa Winter Palace 5*, Borovets

Relax Center

Close your eyes. Relax. Let the smile come by itself on your face. You are in the five-star relax centre of "Festa Winter Palace" hotel. This is Your place for complete rest.


Surrounded by luxury, stylish design, high functionally and comfort, the guests of the hotel have the opportunity to enjoy a rich variety of services in the Relax centre of hotel "Festa Winter Palace".

Especially for all connoisseurs of facial and body therapies, Festa Winter Palace hotel works exclusively with products of the global  luxury brand Alqvimia. 

Here the guests of the hotel can use with pleasure the indoor saltwater swimming pool with a temperature of the water 28° C, Sauna, Steam room, Russian bath, Contrast shower, Shock shower buckets, massage bath for the feet  and enjoy selected therapies and massages. Make your loved ones happy with a Gift voucher, which we will create according to your wishes!

Our indoor heated saltwater pool, which aims to improve health while reducing environmental damage, is undoubtedly an irresistible temptaion for our visitors. Big and small, all are wellcome! The salt electolysis pool is the first facility of its kind in Borovets. Some of the positive effects of salt eletrolysis include: calming the body and mind, eliminating anxiety, regulating blood pressure, reducing anxiety, strenghtening the immune system.

Another huge advantage is the fact that water purified with salt electrolysis is useful for all children who are actively engaged in sports, namely:
♦ Does not cause skin allergies in babies and children;
♦Does not irritate the nasal mucosa, because there is no smell of chlorine;
♦ The salinity of the water is higher, which makes it easier to swim;
♦ Salt water is useful for the muscles and joints of adolescents.

The Salt room and the therapies it offers are aimed at improving health by influencing in 3 aspects of respiratory, skin diseases and mental disorders.

Halotherapy is especially useful for the following conditions:
♦ Diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema;
♦ Sinusitis;
♦ Hay fever;
♦ Cold and flu;
♦ Cough arising from various conditions such as flu or cold or smoking;
♦ Psoriasis;
♦ Eczema;
♦ Certain types of dermatitis;
♦ Helps fight stress and accumulated fatigue, improves mood;
♦ Helps reduce the accumulated extra pounds;
♦ Strengthens the immune system and its coping with various diseases;
♦ Children are extremely well affected by staying in a salt room, their symptoms significantly improve and cope much better with colds and flu. 

One session in a Salt room (40 minutes) is equivalent to a 4-hour walk in a Pine forest. And with us you can enjoy both!

The Hotel's Gym successfully combines the hotel's specific atmosphere with safety and convenience requirements. Charge yourself with new strength and maintain your sports shape, and in the indoor swimming pool, just a few steps away from the gym, you can relax after training. 

Available to all hotel guests are:
♦ Sauna;
♦ Steam bath;
♦ Russian bath;
♦ Contrast showers;
♦ Shock bucket;
♦ Foot massage baths;
♦ Relaxation area;

We guarantee uncompromising cleanliness and meticulousness to feel relaxed and comfortable with us!

Find some moments to enjoy peace, tranquillity and reconnect with yourself by taking care of your body and spirit, and enjoying a magnificent experience with our team of professionals.


  • Indoor heated pool with salt electrolysis;
  • Pool water temperature:                        +27° - +29° C;
  • Dimensions of the pool:                          6 x 14 x 1.55 m.;
  • Sauna;
  • Steam bath;
  • Russian bath;
  • Contrast showers;
  • Shock bucket;
  • Foot massage baths;
  • Relaxation area;
  • Salt room;
  • Solarium;
  • Fitness;
  • Classical massages;
  • Luxury facial and body therapies with Alqvimia brand products;
  • Hair Salon;
  • Manicure and Pedicure;