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Terms and Conditions



When a client makes a reservation at the sites of Festa Hotels AD, it is considered that he has read these general terms and conditions and agrees with them.
Your reservation is considered confirmed after payment of the required deposit specified in the reservation form or the relevant offer. The reservation can be paid by credit/debit card or by bank transfer. Only in these cases is it considered guaranteed. The bank accounts in BGN and EUR are written in the confirmation of your reservation.



Cancellation without penalty is possible up to 7 days before the date of the accommodation unless otherwise stated in the offer. After the expiration of this period in case of cancellation, the guest owes a penalty in the amount of the value of the first night. In case of non-appearance on the respective reservation, the penalty is in the amount of the entire prepaid amount, unless otherwise agreed. Refunds on reservations paid by card are made only on the card with which the payment was made. Exceptions are promotional offers for which additional conditions for payments and cancellations have been announced. Please read the conditions for changes and cancellations, according to the offer provided to you.



The hotel requires a deposit of 1 night / Reception Price, for Festa Sofia Hotel - 50 EUR / or credit/debit card authorization for the same amount, as a guarantee for the use of additional services in the hotel, damages, etc. The corresponding deposit is refunded to the guest upon leaving the hotel when it is established that there are no shortages and damages in the room caused by the guest, as well as a lack of bill for additional services used.
Authorized amounts can take 5 to 7 business days to be unblocked by the banking institution. The hotel is not responsible for any subsequent fees from the cardholder's servicing bank.



1. General conditions for online reservations:

The specified conditions are valid when booking hotel accommodation and purchasing gift vouchers through the central reservation platform of Festa Hotels AD - www.festahotels.com. In case promotional prices are available, additional payment terms and cancellation policies may be valid, as they are an integral part of the description of the specific offer.
The prices of hotel accommodation are valid only at the time of your visit to the "Reservations" section. They are subject to change and depend on the occupancy of the particular hotel. Festa Hotels AD reserves the right to refuse a received confirmed and paid reservation in cases of force majeure and other circumstances beyond the control of the hotelier. In these cases, the guest is offered accommodation for another period, while maintaining the same conditions and prices.


2. Prices:

The prices of hotel accommodation are subject to change at any time and may be affected by hotel occupancy and demand at different times of the year. All prices for hotel accommodation in the reservation platform include VAT. The price for your stay is guaranteed after the completion of the booking process and receipt of confirmation with the reservation number and prepayment. Festa Hotels AD reserves the right to cancel a confirmed and paid reservation in case of established abuse.
The final price you choose is per person or room, per day and for the specific room, including tourist tax and VAT. In case you use additional services during your stay, which are not indicated in the description of the selected room type and offer/consumption in restaurants, parking, minibar, etc. /, they should be paid on the spot at the hotel.
Promotional prices for hotel accommodation cannot be combined with other current offers or discounts. Prices do not include commissions for tour operators or other persons.


3. Terms of payment and policy for cancellation of reservations in Festa Hotels AD:

Your reservation is considered confirmed after payment of the required deposit specified in the reservation form or the relevant offer. The reservation can be guaranteed by credit card or prepaid by bank transfer. The bank accounts in BGN and EUR of each of the hotels are written in the booking confirmation.


4. Accommodation of children and provision of extra beds:
For each site, Festa Hotels AD reserves the right to assess whether the specific type of room provides an opportunity to place/accommodate an extra bed. Due to the specifics of the sites, part of the Festa Hotels group and according to their concepts, the age limits for accommodating children and adults on an extra bed may vary between different hotels. The discounts are provided as well.
Children under 2 years of age are accommodated at no extra charge;


5. Accommodation and vacating of the premises:

The time for accommodation in Festa Hotels AD is after 14:00. Any arrival before this time will be subject to hotel occupancy. Check-out time is 12:00. Any room vacancies after the standard hours are subject to hotel occupancy.
Late check-out after 12:00 must be requested in advance in writing or at the reception of the respective hotel. Confirmed if possible by the hotel. It is charged additionally as the specific room is charged at BGN 10 per hour after 12:00. Contact the hotel reception directly for more information.


6. Use of outdoor parking and underground garage:

Parking is provided for a fee. Prices may vary between hotels in the chain. For more information, contact your chosen hotel or reservation department. If there are no free parking spaces on the day of your arrival, a receptionist will direct you to the nearest public car park.


7. Pets:

The admission of pets on the territory of Festa Hotels AD is not allowed.


8. Smoking is prohibited on the territory of the hotel:

In case of non-compliance with this requirement, you will be charged a fee of BGN 200 for additional cleaning.


9. Damages:

The guests must treat the property of Festa Hotels AD with the care of a good tenant. The costs for replacement or repair of any loss or damage in the sites of Festa Hotels AD, their furniture, as well as in the yard, caused during the stay are at the expense of the guests. The value of the security depends on the damage caused and is paid immediately, in cash or by credit/debit card, at the reception.


10. Privacy Policy:

Festa Hotels AD is a controller of personal data within the meaning of the LPPD and processes the personal data of the User to fulfil its obligations in connection with the reservation made by the User.
The personal data protection policy of Festa Hotels AD regulates the type of information collected by the Users, the manner of its collection and the purposes of its use.
The personal data provided are fully protected and are used for marketing analysis and a better understanding of the needs of users and thus improve the quality of services offered. Without users' data, the internet reservation system could not be used to make reservations.
Festa Hotels AD does not provide the name and e-mail address that the user has indicated when making the reservation to third parties to send commercial information.


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