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Festa Pomorie Resort 4*, Pomorie

About Pomorie


It is hard to determine when exactly Pomorie was founded, the recently discovered remains of an ancient village (year 3100) are flooded and they are hard to be studied. But there is written data, that in the middle of VI century B.C.  Apollonians built at the northern end of the Burgas Bay Frurion Anhialos. The exact location of this fortress is currently unknown, but it implies the hypothesis that it was located in the sea southeast of today's city in a region called gremism (ruin).


Anhialo is one of the last cities on the Balkan Peninsula to be conquered by the Turks. On July 30, 1906, Anhialo was in ruins. The city was very difficult to restore, but not its unique appearance of a beautiful city with "wooden houses nestled on a bare hill" (A. Strashimirov, 1901). In 1934 Anhialo was renamed Pomorie. To this day, the city is developing as an important producer of salt, wine and other agricultural products, and it is a major national centre for balneo treatment.


  • Vine Growing
  • Malting
  • Extraction of mud and lye