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The wedding magic

Do you dream of unforgettable wedding reception and a unique ceremony, which will leave you with thousands of memorable moments? At Festa hotels, we will help you turn your dream into a reality!


Our goal

For more than 10 years the main aim of our team has been to transform your special moments into memories. We understand that every wedding should be individually tailored and we can offer the best support and advice in order to make your day special.

Your first meeting with us

The most important moment in the organization of a wedding for us is our first meeting with the grooms, during which we strive to get a hold of the wants and needs of the future bride and groom, how they picture and imagine this wonderful day. Let this message be your first meeting with us!

We cannot wait to see you!

If you are ready to start your life together, we, at Festa Hotels, await for you with excitement so that we can inspire you on the road with well-known destinations, innovative planning and creative suggestions.

Classical setting

You dream of a classical setting in which you want to celebrate your love? Or you wish for a traditional gathering including dinner and dancing in an elegant restaurant? Festa hotels offer the ideal locations for your special day, no matter which style you prefer.

Success is in the details

We at Festa Hotels know exactly how to make your wedding day simply unique. Whether for an intimate celebration or a big impressive wedding we are here to help you create magic. With a tight focus on the little details, we will help you to make choices that reflect your vision and plan the wedding of your dreams.

Culinary specialists

From classical menus to innovative and modern cuisine, our culinary specialists will turn your special day into an unforgettable memory.

Wedding Brochure

Look though our brochure and learn more about our prices, organization, halls, etc.


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