Terms of changes in reservation, cancellation and payment:

Your reservation is guaranteed with 50% prepayment made within 3 work days after the booking. The rest of the sum is required up to 7 days before the scheduled check-in date.

When the booking is made in less than 7 days before the scheduled check-in date 100% deposit it is required.


The cancellation of reservations is free of charge if it is made up to 7 days before the scheduled check-in date. If the cancellation is made in less than 7 days, the cancellation fee is equal to the value per 1 night. In case of a no-show the total deposit will be kept.

Special offers cannot be combined with any other promotions and discounts.

Special offers are not valid for group check-ins and corporate events.

Security Deposit:

Guests are required to leave a deposit in cash or by credit card at check-in.
Debit and Credit cards will be authorized at check-in for the amount of 1 night /Reception Rates, for Festa Sofia Hotel – 50 EUR/ to cover incidentals. The authorization will hold the funds until check-out, at which time the amount actually incurred during the stay will be charged. Authorized amounts may take 5 to 7 business days after departure to be released by your bank or financial institution and the hotel will not be responsible for any resulting fees or charges.


1.Terms and conditions of online booking.
The follow conditions are valid for hotel booking and gift cards bought through the booking system of www.festahotels.com. Additional terms for payment and cancellation are possible apply when promotional prices are available. The additional terms will be part of the description of each offer.

The prices are valid only in the moment of your visit to our booking system. They are subject to changes according to the occupation of the hotel. Festa Hotels remains in the right to cancel received, confirmed and prepaid booking in case of any occurrences beyond its control.

2. Prices.
The room rates are subject of change at any moment and can be affected of the occupation of the hotel and the market in different parts of the year. All prices in the booking system include VAT and are subject of updates and corrections without advance notice. The room rates of your stay are guaranteed after completion of the booking process and receiving confirmation with number of the reservation and prepayment. Festa Hotels has the right to cancel prepaid and confirmed reservation in case of proven abuse.The room rate is per one person per night for specified room. VAT and tourist tax are included. The use of any additional services, which are not part of the description of the chosen type of room or fare /including but not limited to consumption in restourants, bars, parking, mini bar/, is to be paid at the reception of the hotels. Promotional room rates, if such are available, cannot be combined  with other current special offers and discounts. The prices do not include commission of tour agencies and other third parties.

3. Terms of payment and cancellation policy.
Your booking is confirmed after payment of the deposit required according to your booking form or offer. The booking can be guaranteed with credit card or prepaid via bank transfer. The bank accounts in BGN and EUR of each of the hotels are included of the confirmation email.
Free cancellation is possible up to 7 days before the established check-in date. If the cancellation is made in less than 7 days the cancellation fee is equal to the value per 1 night.

4. Check-in of children and additional beds.
Every hotel of the chain has its right to decide if the rooms allow additional beds.
The price for additional bed is as is listed below:
A child less than 2-years-old can check-in without additional charges.
First child from 2 to 12.99-years-old on additional bed with 2 adults  – free.
Second child from 2 to 12.99-years-old on additional bed with 2 adults – 50% of the price per adult per night.
A child from 2 to 12.99-years-old on a regular bed  – 50% of the price per adult per night.
A child from 2 to 12.99-years-old on additional bed with 1 adult and 1 child  /1 adult + 2 children/ – 50% of the price per adult per night.
An adult on additional bed with adult -30% of the price.

5. Check-in and check-out.
The booked rooms are available for accommodation after 14:00. Every check-in before this hour will be made according to the occupation of the hotel.
Late check-out after 12:00 should be claimed in advance with written request by the customer. It will be confirmed by the hotel if possible. It is subject of additional charge – 10 BGN per hour for every hour after 12:00. For more information please contact the reception of the hotel.

6. Outdoor parking and sublevel garage.
The parking of automobiles is subject of additional charge. The price is different for each hotel of the chain. For additional information and reservation of parking spot you should contact the hotels you choose.

7. Pets.
Pets are allowed in Festa Hotels only with advance request and official consent by the hotel.

8. No smoking in the hotel is permitted.
In case of violation of this rule you will be subjected with additional charge of 100 EUR for extra cleaning.

9. Privacy policy.
Festa Hotels is administrator of personal data according to the local laws and can manage the personal data of the customers in the process of their reservation.
The privacy policy of Festa Hotels describes the type of information collected from customers, how and when we collect customer’s personal information and what that information may be used for.
Your personal data is protected and will be used only for the means of marketing analysis, better understanding of customer’s needs and improving the quality of our services.
The online booking system cannot be used for reservations without customers personal data.
Festa Hotels will not disclose your name and email address, provided during your reservation to third parties.

For more information:

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e-mail: sales@festahotels.com