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NEW in Borovets

New concept inspired by nature in Festa Chamkoria!




♦ To each guest, we offer an exceptional service, delicious homemade dishes and drinks made with local organic products.

♦ Our main priority is to offer fresh and healthy options suitable for every family member.

♦ Our menu does not consist of a lot of complicated recipes, on the contrary, we rely on local and seasonal meat products produced by Bulgarian farmers.

♦ To make the experience even more fulfilling we organize various weekly and monthly activities.




♦ The breakfast and the dinner are being served in a buffet style and include traditional Bulgarian dishes, made with local bioproducts. The dishes may vary depending on the seasonal products which are being offered on the markets.

♦  Examples of dishes that are offered: zucchini and carrots; BIO carrot salad with freshly chopped nuts; Fresh cucumbers sprinkled with dill; Roasted bell peppers with dill and garlic; Roasted eggplant with garlic and dill; Lutenitsa; Kyopoolu; Nettle to spinach dip; Roasted bell peppers dip; Chilli peppers jam; Fig jam; Chicken/Rooster soup; BIO bean soup; Organic cream soup; Homemade tarator; Kurban lamb soup; Roasted local potatoes; Organic fries; Roasted carrots with a dressing; Mish-mash made with organic products; BIO green beans; Roasted chicken with rice; Porridge with butter and feta cheese; Stuffed bell peppers with rice/ minced meat; Roasted pork shank served with a side dish; Trout with organic garnish; Roasted lamb sreved with a side dish; BIO pork burger; Roasted/ grilled traditional Bulgarian sausage; Gibleds served with rice; Chicken/ pork kavarma; Bio ice cream made with soy and oat milk served with organic honey; Sheep/ buffalo yoghurt with honey and walnuts/ fig jam; Pastry with pumpkin and walnuts; Roasted pumpkin served with honey, cinnamon and walnuts; Homemade bread and more.

♦ Tea (cup or jug)- choice of green, black, goodnight, local herbs. There is an option to add: ginger, turmeric with black pepper; Bio coffee (with soy milk); Milk with organic honey and cocoa; Fresh with local seasonal fruits and vegetables; Bio juices and syrups.




♦ Wine/Chocolate tasting.

♦ Trust nature with organic essential oils.

♦ Yoga week.

♦ Horse riding with purebred horses.

♦ Ski and snowboard school.

♦ Snowmobiles.

♦ Ski touring routes.

♦ Ski running.

♦ Freeride skiing and snowboard.

♦ Ski school for children.




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