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Dear guests,


At Festa Hotels, we take responsible actions to stop the spread of COVID-19 and protect the people who choose to stay and work with us. For us, the most important thing is continuing to offer a comforting and enjoyable experience to our guests, and a safe workplace for our employees around the world. Thus we strictly follow all of the recommendations and measures provided by the World Health Organization, local health services and the Bulgarian Authorities. 

To limit the spread of the pandemic and to ensure the comfort of our guests and employees, we have taken the following measures:


Ensuring safety and hygiene of our guests:

 Providing rules for physical distance at every moment from the arrival of the guests in the hotel until their departure.

 Placing stickers and signs with the requirements for personal hygiene.

 Placing disinfectants in all common areas.

 Additional disinfection according to a schedule of all common areas, according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

 Implementation of a procedure and action plan in case of suspicion of a COVID-19 patient - guest or staff.


Ensuring the safety and hygiene of employees:

 Provision of all protective equipment recommended by the Ministry of Health - masks, gloves, helmets for employment and the sector in which you work.

 Increased disinfection of work areas.

 Providing physical distance when performing tasks.

 Daily monitoring of the health status of all employees.


We believe that during these challenging times we should support and help each other, and we would like to thank you for your understanding time; we look forward to welcoming you to Festa Hotels.