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Holiday Office

Change your “Home Office” and turn it into “Holiday Office”!


Get your Holiday Office for free!

Choose a time, book and pack your bags!



♦ Superb private residential areas in Sofia and Borovets;

♦ Rooms and Suites which offer privacy, cosiness, luxury and panoramic views towards the mountain;

♦ Open spaces with pure air, children’s playgrounds;

♦ Delicious and fresh food, prepared with attention to every detail;



♦ ... who loves to combine both work and travel.

♦ ... for whom working outside the office is a possible and preferred option, as long as the place is beautiful, quiet and inspiring.

♦ ... who finds inspiration while spending time together with family, friends and colleagues.

♦ ... who loves to recharge from time to time at the sea or in the mountain but at the same time doesn’t want to fall behind with current work projects.

♦ ... for whom vacation is being postponed, because of running behind with work schedule and accumulated tasks.


All you need is a laptop. We will take care of the rest.

In order for your day to be successful, start it with a toning workout in the gym or by swimming some lengths in the pool and drinking an obligatory cup of hot coffee and a healthy fresh juice!

Once you’ve gotten into shape, you can design your office space your way, so that you can feel comfortable!

With us, you can work wherever you want: on the desk, by the pool, on the terrace, and even in bed.

At the end of your fruitful workday, you deserve an appropriate rest, so don’t hesitate to relax and pamper yourself in our SPA centre before dinner.

Furthermore, you can do sports, relax, enjoy delightful cuisine, visit some tourist attractions and recharge with pure nature and air.



♦ We await all mountain enthusiasts in the oldest winter resort in our country: Borovets, in hotel “Festa Winter Palace” 5* and hotel “Festa Chamkoria” 4*.

♦ We are preparing our special offers for sea lovers for the upcoming summer season in 2022. Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first one to receive our exclusive offers for the season.

♦ Moreover, we have an offer for everyone in the capital city - Hotel "Festa Sofia" 4* with a magnificent view towards Vitosha mountain.



♦ Preferential package rate for accommodation;

♦ Comfortable workplace which allows you to work undisturbed;

♦ High-speed wireless internet;

♦ All necessary technical equipment: printer, scanner, office supplies;

♦ Conference hall with the correspondent technical equipment (a reservation in advance is required);

♦ Bonus: coffee, mineral water and invigorating afternoon snack;



♦ A reservation inquiry is accepted by e-mail: sales@festahotels.com

♦ Reservation for a workplace and password for internet access is required to be made in advance;

♦ The offer is valid for reservations regarding stays until the end of March 2022.



♦ We supervise employees and guests and make sure they are keeping physical distance between 1.5 to 2 m among themselves in all common areas, restaurants and bars within the hotels’ premises.

♦ The number of guests visiting the restaurants will be limited by reducing the capacity of the seats and increasing the distance between the tables in order for it to be at least 1.5 m between each of them.

♦ Disinfection and hygiene measures will continue to be increased. More sanitiser dispensers will be placed at all key locations in the hotel so that guests and staff can disinfect their hands at any time. These locations include, for instance, restaurants and bars, sports playgrounds, the lobby area and more.

♦ Regarding the rooms’ cleaning, new methods will be implemented to ensure the best possible protection against viruses. All rooms will be thoroughly cleaned before guests arrive and the same protocols for intensive deep cleaning will be applied each time they leave the room. Bathrooms, room furniture, dishes, devices, remote controls for TVs and air conditioners, etc. will be cleaned especially carefully and precisely.


Contact us:

♦ Phone: +359 2 902 3770;

♦ E-mail: sales@festahotels.com;

Phone: 0700 144 22

E-mail: sales@festahotels.com