On the road near Sunny Beach and Sveti Vlas, beautiful views will be revealed around you. On one side the sky merges with the blue waters of the sea and on the other the green hills of Emin Balkan, the eastern Balkan Mountains, rise.
Right there, between two heights called “Kabukchiata”, the village of Kosharitsa was huddled. Until recently unknown, the village became an increasingly preferred tourist destination and a place for recreation and tourism. It is located only 3 – 4 km from Sunny Beach at the foot of the mountain. Today the village is extremely charming – it has kept its purity and beauty. It is situated at the foot of the Stara Planina mountain and it reveals wonderful views – to the east you can see the old town of Nessebar, to the south the view is stopped at Pomorie and in clear weather you can even see the slopes of the Strandja Mountain. In the immediate vicinity of the village of Kosharitsa is the famous and bustling resort Sunny Beach, which offers many entertainment and rich nightlife to its visitors.
Near the village is Kalitata Nature Reserve, where you can see a natural locality of marsh snowdrop, as well as the unique dense forest of the reserve. The area of ​​Kosharitsa village is included in Natura 2000 because it is the main air way of the migratory birds – Via Pontica.
A walk in the reserve or in the foothills of the Balkan will completely clean you. A lazy afternoon in the village where the weather seems to run smoothly will make you forget the city noise and fatigue, while the nearby beaches of Sunny Beach and Nessebar and the clubs in the resorts can make your stay unforgettable. The tranquility here ensures complete relaxation and relaxation from the stress of everyday life, while sandy beaches and nightlife are just 10 minutes away by car.