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Salt room


Salt therapy is a way for health improvement, by affecting 3 aspects of the respiratory, skin diseases and mental disorders. This happens thanks to the inhalation and exposure of the body to dry aerosols in natural salt rooms.


Halotherapy is especially useful in the following conditions:

♦ Diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema

♦ Sinusitis

♦ Hay fever

♦ Cold and flues

♦ Cough caused by various conditions such as the flu or cold or as a result of smoking; ♦ Psoriasis

♦ Eczema

♦ Certain types of dermatitis

♦ Helps fight stress and fatigue, improves mood

♦ Helps reduce excess weight 

♦ Strengthens the immune system and its coping with various diseases

♦ Children are extremely well affected by staying in a salt room, their symptoms are significantly improved and they cope much better with colds and flu.


One session in a salt room (40 minutes) is equivalent to a 4-hour walk in a pine forest. And with us, you can enjoy both.