When exactly Pomorie was founded it is difficult to establish for now. The remains of an ancient settlement (3100) that were discovered a few years ago are flooded and difficult to investigate. There is written evidence that in the middle of the 6th century BC. apollo build anchialos on the northern end of Bourgas bay. The exact location of this fortress has not yet been established, but the hypothesis is that it was located in the sea northeast of today’s city in an area called greimism (ruin). Anhialo is one of the last cities on the Balkan Peninsula captured by the Turks. On July 30, 1906, Anhialo was in ruins. The city is very difficult to recover, but not its unique appearance in a wonderful city with “wooden houses nestled on a bare bush” (A. Strasimirov, 1901). In 1934 Anhialo was renamed Pomorie. Up until now, the town has been developing as an important producer of salt, wine and other agricultural products, a major republican balneо treatment center.