• Bulgaria, 1404 Sofia, Bulgaria 83 A blvd.

Festa Via Pontica 4*, Pomorie

Babitsa BBQ Restaurant


In a relaxing atmosphere with specialties from the Bulgarian national cuisine and Bulgarian folklore – the Babitsa BBQ Restaurant is a great place to experience Bulgarian traditions.


The embroidery is one of the most brilliant achievements of Bulgarian folk art. A women's craft, it combines the dexterity of her hands, the love of her heart and her inexorable thirst for beauty. She transforms them into the magic called the national embroidery.


Babitsa is a Bulgarian embroidery, which symbolizes term families. To the main rhombus figure are added two outwardly directed triangles. It illustrates not the children of the family, but members of the family who have related and have formed families with members of another. The Babitsa symbol can grow to Big Babitsa – timed families and timed tribes.


  • 80 seats
  • Bulgarian national cuisine