• Bulgaria, 1404 Sofia, Bulgaria 83 A blvd.

Festa Sofia 4*, Sofia



Sofia is a city with long thousands of years old history. Unique for Europe, it is one of the cities with the most ancient history. Remains from the Stone and Bronze Ages can still be found in the centre of the city. It is believed that the reason for the settlement of the ancient people in this place are the hot mineral water springs, which abound in the field of Sofia.

After Bulgaria is freed from the Ottoman Empire in 1878, Sofia is proclaimed as the capital city of the country on 3rd April 1879. Sofia keeps many valuable monuments from the past great epochs. Walking around the capital, tourists can see the remains of the Eastern Gate of Serdika – Sredets dating back to the II – XIV c. The remains are located in the subway between the Presidency and the Council of Ministers and around them, there are many shops where you can buy traditional Bulgarian souvenirs and rosewater.